Katie Ball & Shanon Mobley

Saturday, January 1, 2021

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – Katie Ball and Shanon Mobley are your typical Denver Broncos fan couple who met at a Broncos bar – except that the bar was in Atlanta, Georgia.

“My girlfriends convinced me to stop just watching Broncos games at my house,” Katie explains. “So, I went to this bar by myself and one of the managers said there was a group of Broncos fans there and that I should go meet them.” Michelle, the head of the group, wasn’t there that week and Shanon was in the role of welcoming people and introducing himself. “If Michelle had been there, he probably wouldn’t have talked to me,” Katie says. Katie and Shanon hit it off immediately.

Despite both living in Atlanta, the couple’s Broncos fandom came from mutual long-standing connections to Colorado. With Katie’s older brother going to the Airforce Academy, she fell in love with the state at age 12 on family trips, while Shanon’s best friend grew up in Castle Rock.

Shanon popped the question in Estes Park. “I’m a huge animal person, so I was like, ‘We have to go see the elk bugling in Estes,’” Katie says. While there with one of their best friends, Shanon got down on one knee during a photo opp.

It didn’t take long for the couple to pick Steamboat Springs for their wedding location. “We knew we wanted a ski town, and we wanted people from the southeast to enjoy a lot of winter snow. Steamboat is such our vibe – casual and comfortable. We felt at home there,” Katie says.

Picking the venue also turned out to be an easy decision for Katie and Shanon. “When we went to La Joya Dulce, Shanon said, ‘This is where we’re getting married.’ It felt like home. The view at La Joya is to die for,” Katie says.

After selecting La Joya Dulce, Katie began working with the venue’s wedding planner, Mandy Crabb. “I’m very much a control freak,” Katie says. “And Mandy was very good about keeping things on task. When I couldn’t get a hold of people or get what I needed, she would go to bat for me. She even came out to Colorado Springs one weekend to plan things out. She was amazing.”

As plans changed constantly due to the coronavirus, Katie recalls that both Mandy Crabb and photographer Callie Riesling helped her de-stress. “I could just call them and they would talk me off the ledge,” Katie says. “We had to go through so many hurdles, but the fact that I had Callie and Mandy on my side at all times helped so much.”

Leading up to the wedding, the couple had their rehearsal dinner buffet-style at La Joya Dulce, catered by Lawrence Jaconetta of Local Flavor Catering. “Lawrence is really an artist with his food,” Katie says.

Katie recalls that the moment that stood out the most from the wedding day was the first look. “I was anxious, but as soon as I saw Shanon, I was fine,” she says.

A snowstorm a few days prior had carpeted La Joya Dulce in fresh snow, and Katie arrived at the ceremony in a horse-drawn sleigh driven by her father. Katie and Shanon had to make last-minute changes to the ceremony due to an ever-shifting guest list – two of the groomsmen took one for the team and stepped in as “flower dudes.” Michelle, head of the Broncos group where the couple met, officiated the wedding.

Following the ceremony, Katie and Shanon were given a moment alone. “It was Mandy’s idea,” Katie says. “We got to spend time alone in the arena for 15-20 minutes, had some snacks and drinks while everyone else was at cocktail hour. It was a great idea.”

When they were ready, Katie and Shanon reunited with the rest of the group for the reception. “Everyone truly had a wonderful time,” Katie says. “Brandon Harrington from Suit & Tie DJs was fantastic; he got people out on the dance floor.”

But before the reception was over, one final curveball was thrown Katie’s way – red wine was spilled all over Katie’s dress immediately before the bouquet toss. “With the greatest bridesmaids, and lot of soda water and blotting, we finally got it out,” Katie laughs.

Katie and Shanon’s La Joya Dulce wedding will always hold a special place in their memories. “We would literally live in Steamboat if we could – we love it there,” Katie says.

Featured Vendors:
Photographer: Callie Riesling Photography
Venue: La Joya Dulce
Reception: La Joya Dulce
Wedding Planner: Mandy Crabb, La Joya Dulce
Flowers: Mandy Crabb, La Joya Dulce