Robbie McGourty and his groomsmen wear cowboy hats | Elizabeth Burgi Photography

Grooms: It’s All In the Details

Grooms and groomsmen don’t typically get as much attention as the bride and bridesmaids, but that doesn’t mean the men can’t show personal style and flair in their own way. The trick to upping your game as a groom or groomsman? It’s in the details.

1. The Measurements
A well-tailored suit makes all the difference. Pro tip: you can now measure yourself more easily using measurement apps on your phone.

2. The Fabric
When it comes to suit fabric, either go classic, or go bold and bright. Don’t shy away from color – it’s on trend for everyone, not just the women. Shades like green, pink, mustard and bright blue are surprisingly versatile. 

3. The Shoes
When it comes to shoes, classics are best – the Nike Air Force Ones might not be the best fit for the big day. There are plenty of great options, but stick with something practical. Overly pointy or square-toed shoes stand out in the wrong way.

4. The Accessories
From ties to pocket squares to cufflinks, accessories can be a great way to add a pop of color to your outfit. 

5. Lean toward the classics, but know when to break the rules
Try to strike a balance between the tried-and-true styles and the distinctly you. If you feel you’re going too much in either direction – too bland or too eccentric – an adjustment is in order. In Steamboat Springs, a cowboy hat often provides that personal touch, but it shades your face, so you may need to take it off for photographs.