Tyler Troy and Jenny Armstrong solidify their vows with a kiss at Flying Diamond Ranch | Seedhouse Photography

Going Green: 6 Ways to Plan an Eco-friendly Wedding

When planning for the big day, many don’t think about the effect weddings have on the environment. Reduce your wedding-day carbon footprint and throw a sustainable celebration with these six simple ideas.

1. Go Paperless
Minimize waste by nixing traditional wedding stationery and opting for digital save-the-dates and wedding invitations. If physical invites are a must, go sustainable and choose a company that uses recycled paper.

2. Get Hitched Outdoors

Cut down on the energy used by tying the knot in the great outdoors. Have a stunning Colorado backdrop and natural lighting for photos all while reducing energy usage on your wedding day.

3. Source from Local Farmers

Look for caterers who source their food locally for an organic and sustainable wedding menu. Buy your booze from local breweries, distilleries and wineries. The less distance your food and liquor must travel, the smaller the carbon footprint.

4. Choose Recycled or Dried Flowers
Flowers are a focal point to any wedding, but freshly cut plants aren’t the best for the environment. Easy fix: consider a florist that uses recycled or dried flowers for your floral arrangements.

5. Ditch the Confetti
Be environmentally conscious when planning ways for guests to celebrate during your recessional. As appealing as tossing paper confetti may seem, it’s not environmentally friendly or easy to clean up. Think plant-based and biodegradable when planning your big send-off.

6. Rent, Reuse + Recycle
Anything that is single-use is harmful to the planet. Eliminate carbon emissions – and save your groomsmen some money – by renting tuxes. Go green and swap plastics with rented dinnerware, glassware and wedding decor to reduce waste destined for the landfill.