Danielle Fenoli & Nathaniel Silva

Saturday, June 8, 2019

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – New York City found its way to Steamboat Springs last summer. Randy Fenoli, renowned wedding gown designer and one of Kleinfeld's bridal consultants on "Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC, brought his iconic personality to Glen Eden Resort.

The wedding Randy attended had more personal meaning for him than usual: it was that of his niece, Danielle, whose dress he helped to select on an episode of the show.

Danielle selected Randy’s Serena dress, which features a drop-waist, A-line silhouette, a strapless bodice and a sweetheart neckline. Venice lace appliques make up the midriff, while the skirt features subtle sparkles, and the sheer bodice has crystal beading. Tears flowed at the end of the episode, when Randy surprised Danielle by saying the dress was a gift from him.

Nathaniel and Danielle Silva live in Aurora, but have a special place in their hearts for Northwest Colorado. "My husband spent a period of his time growing up in Craig. He and his family spent their summers in Steamboat," Danielle explains.

Persistence was the key to forming their relationship. "We met when I was waiting tables. Nathaniel and his coworker sat in my section and quickly became regular visitors – every Friday night for the next eight months, to be exact," Danielle says. "They became some of my favorite people, and we bonded from seeing each other week after week."

"He was very shy – he never hit on me,” Danielle says. “I actually ended up leaving to work elsewhere. I later stopped back in that restaurant to pick up a friend and ex-coworker and there he was, sitting on the patio."

She joined his group and the conversation ended with him asking her out, taking advantage of the opportunity while he had the chance. Dinner led to romance, and romance to love.

The Denver Botanical Gardens set the scene for Nathaniel’s proposal. During the winter months, the gardens feature an incredible winter lights show, but light-viewing wasn’t all the groom-to-be had in store. He rented a rooftop space above the greenhouse, and a bench surrounded by lanterns and candles greeted the couple upon their arrival.

"It was cold but gorgeous," Danielle says. "You could see all of the holiday lights at once. He popped Champagne and hired a hidden photographer, who got some great photos of the proposal."

The wedding was a touch outside the box: there was no wedding planner, and no rehearsal dinner. The wedding party was tiny. "It was really fun planning it by ourselves – we just picked everything we loved. He loves green and I love lavender, so we just built off of that. Everything just fell into place. It's really easy to pick what you love, because you know what you love."

The ceremony, with the Elk River running nearby, was the most memorable part of the day for the bride. "It was the most peaceful moment of the whole day," she says. "Our ceremony was quick. We had everyone we loved there. It was the calmest part of my day, and I got to marry my best friend."

Participants and guests stayed at Glen Eden, which also did the catering.

Having your wedding broadcast across the nation isn't as stressful as one might think. "They did a great job being scarce," Danielle says. "They hid themselves in little corners, had a drone and stationary cameras set up over the alter. They put themselves in the background, and guests didn't even notice them. It honestly didn't seem like they were there."

"It was exciting watching the episode and being able to see our whole wedding day from a different point of view," she adds. Traveling and enjoying each other's company are on the to-do list for this newly married couple.

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Venue: Glen Eden Resort

Photos courtesy of TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress"