Ann Robbin & Tommy Lefere

Saturday, August 24, 2019

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS – The beauty of a bohemian wedding was on full display at Ann Robbin and Tommy Lefere’s wedding last summer at La Joya Dulce. 

Ann, a Chicago native, and Tommy, from Jackson, Michigan, met while both worked at a logistics company in Chicago. During a camping trip at Rollins Pass, Tommy proposed at the edge of an alpine lake.

The couple set their sights on the rustic ranch setting of La Joya Dulce, which would provide a venue for their ceremony and rehearsal dinner.

Ann and Tommy arrived in Steamboat the Wednesday before their wedding, giving them plenty of time to settle in. “We met with La Joya Dulce when we arrived and got everything decorated to our liking,” Ann says. “We went there and picked out all the decorations and set everything up, making sure it was the vision and style we were hoping for.”

The day before their wedding, Ann and Tommy snuck away with photographer Kate Salley for an intimate pre-wedding photo shoot at Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

The rehearsal dinner was held at La Joya Dulce, followed by a pizza-andbeer welcome party and lodging at Glen Eden Resort. “I definitely recommend a welcome party to anyone thinking of doing a wedding where a lot of guests are traveling,” Ann says.

For the bridesmaids, the wedding day started with a private yoga session facilitated by Yoga Center of Steamboat. “I wanted to make sure to center myself for the wedding day,” Ann says. “I would recommend that to anyone.” 

From there, Ann and the bridesmaids went to the bridal suite to have their hair and makeup done. Once she was ready, Ann slipped away to share a first look with Tommy. “It was really special,” she says. “I was super emotional and so was he, and I think if we saw each other for the first time walking down the aisle it would have been kind of stressful. I felt so much more at ease after that. The first look was very emotional, very beautiful and intimate for Tommy and I.”

Ann’s best friend, Katie Collins, officiated at the ceremony, and the couple’s parents spoke. “It was very personal and amazing,” Ann says. “The ceremony was touching – having a friend write it about you, it was very emotional.”

“One of the coolest things I remember about their wedding was the ceremony,” Salley says. “As Tommy walked down the aisle, everyone cheered – like, went crazy. I got teary-eyed behind the camera. How cool that everyone was so excited for these two to be together? You can imagine how excited they got when Ann came down the aisle.”

Immediately after the ceremony, La Joya Dulce ushered the couple to a private spot to relax, eat and sign their marriage certificate – a peaceful moment that allowed them to catch their breath. “After that, we hopped into happy hour and it was party on!” Ann says.

While Ann served as her own wedding planner, she credits La Joya Dulce’s Mandy Crabb for helping the day go smoothly. “Mandy was amazing – If anything bad happened, she didn’t tell me, which is great, because I didn’t want to know,” Ann says with a laugh. 

“She is an extremely organized, self-sufficient, amazing, sweet person. She gave me a hug every time she saw me, and made sure I was doing okay.”

For their honeymoon, Ann and Tommy travelled to southern New Zealand for 19 days in January. They currently live in Golden.

Featured Vendors:
Photographer: Kate Ivy Photography
Venue: La Joya Dulce
Lodging: Glen Eden Resort